Complete Full Detail

Hand Wash & Microfiber Dry
All exterior crevices air blown to prevent dripping
Deep Clean ​Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells and Rim barrels
Hand application of wax or polymer sealant
Dress Tires & Trim​
Vacuum Interior & Trunk
Blow out all crevices
Shampoo Upholstery & Carpets
Remove all rubber transfer from door panels and jams
Clean & Dress all Interior Vinyl
Remove small debris between leather seat seams
Deep Clean & Condition Leather
Windows & Mirrors Cleaned and wiped with lint free "Huck towel"
Door Panels cleaned.
Shoe transfer Removed from door and rocker panels
Chrome cleaned and polished
Nooks and crevices cleaned never missed
Air Vents brushed with Boars hair brush and blown with high pressure air
Instrument cluster Cleaned gently with boars hair brush
Coupes /small pickups              $225
Sedans/ Pickups        $250 & up           Small SUV's / Minivans       $300 & up           Suburban / Expedition / Full Size Pickups              $350 & up

Price Determined on size and condition

Additional Services:

​Clay Bar “removes contaminates such as rail dust, fall out debris, exhaust that reduce reflection" that only clay bar can remove. These objects greatly reduce the reflection and appearance of the paint and keep polymer sealant and wax from adhering completely.
$40 & up

​Heavy Oxidation Removal
Call for estimate

Engine Bay Cleaning and all surface dressing
$50 & up

​Tire Dying “makes brown tires have factory appearance after tire gel wears off”$25

Headlight restoration $80 per pair

Solution Finish Trim restoration 30 & up

Boats, RV's, Planes: Call for on site estimate

Last Minute Cancellation Policy

If Client does not contact within 72 hours of service due to needing to reschedule they will be charged a 70.00 Cancellation fee.

Maintenance Detailing 

Hand Wash & Microfiber Dry
Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells
​Dress Tires
Vacuum Interior & Trunk
Wipe Door jambs
Remove Sap and Bugs
Clean Windows, Mirrors
Cars & Pickups   $60 & up            
 Small SUV's, Minivans    $70 & up            
 Large Utility Vehicles      $80 & up             
Suburban, Expedition    $100 & up   

Exterior Detail & Vacuum Interior

Hand Wash & Chamois
Clean Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells
Clean Door jambs
Machine Buff Exterior to Remove Light to Medium Scratches and/or Dull Oxidized Paint / Swirl Marks
Dual Action polisher Machine Wax or sealant Application
Detail Logos & Trim to Remove Excess Wax
Dress Tires & Trim Dressed
Windows & Mirrors
Vacuum Interior & Trunk
Wipe Down Interior
Compacts           $155 & up           
Sedans               $180 & up          
SUV's         $225&up           
Suburban $250 & up           

Price is determined on size and condition

Full Interior Detail

Vacuum Interior & Trunk
Shampoo and Extract Carpets, and Floor Mats, cloth seats ,
vents brushed and air blown, gauges, etc.
Clean & Dress all Interior plastics, vinyl, etc
​Clean & Condition Leather
Clean Windows & MirrorsDoor
Panels Nooks & Crevices Compact
Cars & Pickups                $155 & up           
Large Cars & Pickups       $180& up          
SUV's, Minivans    $ 200 & up          
Large Utility Trucks, Suburban   $250 & up

Price is determined on-size and condition


Kevin Finn